Use of the stimulant drugs methamphetamine and cocaine is rising, according to area health experts and a company that provides drug-testing services to state agencies in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Forensic Fluids Laboratories said data collected in those states in 2014-18 shows more positive tests in recent years for methamphetamine and cocaine as well as opioids buprenorphine and fentanyl.

In Indiana, the number of counties with high rates of positive methamphetamine tests has risen from four to 29 over that period, according to a news release. Many of those areas are in the southeast portion of the state, the company announced, but doctors in Fort Wayne also have seen increases in patients using stimulants.

“We have noticed a significant increase in both methamphetamine and cocaine over the past 12-18 months,” Dr. Daniel Roth of Summit Pain Management said in an email. “In (the) past three months, cocaine seems to be the drug of choice in the patients who have failed urine drug monitoring for illicit use.”

Capt. Kevin Hunter, who heads the Fort Wayne Police Department's vice and narcotics unit, said investigators this year have seized about 14 pounds of methamphetamine. About 61/2 pounds was seized last year.

“Methamphetamine use is off the charts,” Hunter said.
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