PERRY COUNTY – Existing tax increment financing districts were the topic of conversation at the Perry County Redevelopment Commission meeting Thursday brought by Alvin Evans, project manager for Perry County Development Corp. and president and CEO of the Perry County Port Authority.

Annual excess funding disbursements are a regular happening for TIF districts around the county, and this year the Waupaca TIF is using some excess to finish up some embankment work and to relocate a wetland area that was developed over in the recent construction of Switzer Road.

In addition, the Tell City-Troy Township School Corp. will receive its regular amount from the Webb Wheel TIF district allocation, though some work is underway about how that amount can be used.

Finally, taxes collected from the courthouse TIF are going towards two city improvement projects for the JFK Pool and the Armory Annex.

Waupaca TIF excess

Work continuing at the River View Industrial Park, home of Waupaca Foundry, was brought to the commission by Evans, who acquired funding approval for the projects.

In explaining what the money would go for, Evans stated, “It’s continuing work, which includes stream and wetland mitigation, relocation of Hoosier Energy Power line serving the Riverview substation, excavation and fill to accomplish fill of the ditch west of the foundry and engineering and management fees to accomplish the approved projects.”

The amount of $1.5 million will be drawn from the TIF to complete the project, the result of which is planned to finish in 2020 and will result in a new wetland area to replace the one displaced by the Switzer Road industrial park construction.

“The new wetland is being relocated south of Indiana 66 between the railroad and the Ohio River. It will be a space mitigated by the (Environmental Protection Agency) and the streams are being mitigated at Troy,” Evans said.

Oversight of the relocated stream and wetlands will continue for five years to ensure everything is going as planned. An additional amount of $250,000 was set aside to ensure that oversight. Evans explained, “Once the streams and wetlands are in place, you have to maintain them for five years. That’s a contract for maintenance.”

The contract is part of the overall development contract, but works as a separate contract with Redwing Ecological Services group out of Louisville, Ky., that will perform the work.

Webb Wheel TIF excess

TIF district 4 covers the Webb Wheel Products Inc., located at 9840 Indiana 66, Tell City, and has been collecting TIF money since 2015. Money in the amount of $120,000 is slated for the Tell City-Troy Township School Corp., which is allotted every year for improvements and maintenance of school structures.

The annual allotment to Tell City schools last year was questioned, as reported in the June 17, 2019, issue of the News, since the money can only be used for structure improvements and not towards student education.

During Thursday’s meeting, County Attorney Chris Goffinet gave an update about how the school might be able to use that money differently. Goffinet said, “If there is a legal way to expand that (use), it’s not a problem, it’s a process that I’m looking into.”

Courthouse TIF

County Attorney Chris Goffinet informed the commissioners about the approved amendment to the courthouse TIF district. As previously reported in the News, the amendment expands the courthouse TIF district to provide money that will be used for renovations for the JFK pool at Hagedorn park, which will go to renovating the entire complex, at $120,000 and another $120,000 for a storage facility at the Perry County Armory Annex.

New members and officers selected

The Redevelopment commissioners welcomed two new members for the year at the meeting last Thursday. Joining are Jared Kleeman, Port Authority member, and Michael Snyder, Cannelton schools principal.

Commission members also elected officers. Paul Malone was elected president, Jon Scheer was elected vice president and secretary and elected treasurer was Patrick Rich.
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