Township officials are seeking rental units for individuals without permanent shelter.

“Preventing a household’s homelessness is far easier and less resource-intensive than resolving an episode,” Perry Township Trustee Dan Combs said in an email. “That and the local shelters are full.”

Township officials are seeking units that can be rented on a variable lease-time and are willing to accept vouchers to contact them at 812-336-3713. Combs said in an email that the size of the voucher the township can provide varies depending on the household size and is based on what price federal government officials determine a unit in a community should cost based on its area median income. For example, for 2020 fair market rent for a studio is $646 a month, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website.

The township will not be a leasing agent for applicants, according to a news release from the Perry Township Trustee’s Office. Township officials will assist with placing individuals in housing and covering the first month’s rent up to fair market value. They can also assist with supplemental payments on a month-to-month basis if needed.

He added studios and two-bedroom apartments are the most needed types of housing. Combs said in an email the voucher payments from the township could, at times, cover other housing needs. He added township officials handle such things on an individual basis.

Units within Bloomington being offered must be approved by the city and those in the county must meet Monroe County Health Department regulations for domiciles, according to the release. Combs said in the email there is a cash flow benefit to landlords opening up available units to help individuals without permanent shelter instead of waiting for long-term renters.
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