The City Council had a full agenda at Monday’s meeting with six new ordinances and six resolutions.

Some of the measures on the agenda were housekeeping, cleaning up old ordinances and creating a fund in the budget for federal money for drug investigation and equipment.

Others were more significant, such as an ordinance for the creation of lieutenant positions in the Logansport Fire Department and an ordinance for spending County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) funds for developing housing on the more than 17 acres the city owns behind the Walmart and Mary Max Cinemas.

The CEDIT money used for the development of the property would be up to $65,000 for survey, design and construction documents.

Planning Department Executive Director Arin Shaver presented a rough plan that showed a combination of single-family houses and townhome rentals to the City Council, based on a study showing that people were looking for homes in the range of $150,000 to $200,000.

For homes of 1,600 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, 161 people of 728 responding said they’d move to Logansport, Shaver said.

The city has been looking at a planned unit development for the land since 2014. Council President Dave Morris said that this grew out of the previous administration, which looked at housing and created two groups, including realtors and builders, to address the problems.

It’s too expensive to build in Logansport, so developers can’t make their money back on the current cost of houses, he said.

The school district has said that they lose new teachers because the newly hired can’t find a place to live here and choose commute, eventually finding jobs closer to home.

Other employers, such as banks, have similar stories, he said.

The hope is that with Logansport creating a survey, having lots laid out and having utilities and other infrastructure in place or planned, builders would be more likely to start a subdivision, Morris said.

Shaver said that builders she’s talked with told her that her rough plan is “doable.”

The council approved the ordinance’s first reading and will vote on it at the second reading at its May 4 meeting.
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