NAPPANEE — The final phase of Blackstone subdivision is ready to begin after preliminary steps were approved by Nappanee City Council members Monday evening.

Nappanee Planning and Zoning Administrator Don Lehman told the council the plan commission approved the final plat and sent a recommendation that the council do the same. Lehman said the commission had “some issues they struggled with” because originally Blackstone came in under the county zoning ordinance and later was annexed into the city.

“So there were some things that didn’t quite line up with our zoning ordinance but we worked through them,” Lehman told the council.

Crystal Welsh, a senior planner with Abonmarche, Goshen, was present in the council chambers with the clerk-treasurer while the mayor, council members and department heads attended the meeting virtually. Welsh thanked city officials and staff for working on the design plan differences.

“We’re excited to get started,” she said.

Welsh said the public hearing was held at the plan commission meeting in June.

The Blackstone 6 addition is adding 23 single-family homes.

One of the residents of Blackstone and a member of the architectural control committee (part of the housing covenant) Tom Keller was also in the council chambers and wanted to address the council.

He began by stating he was in favor of the addition and said they were “good quality homes,” but he said there have been drainage issues.

He acknowledged that a lot of work has been done to solve the issue of the flow of the water but major issues still remain.

“What was done was not adequate. What responsibility does the county have? What responsibility does the city have?” he asked.

Mayor Phil Jenkins thanked him and said they’d need to check on it and get back with him. City attorney Brian Hoffer said he and Lehman would look at the issues.

“I’m very much in favor of it. I think it’ll be great for Blackstone and for the city of Nappanee,” Keller added about the project.
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