Videos of young people attempting to destroy Morrell's Scooters recently surfaced, leading to the removal of the scooters from Gas City.

Ronald Morrell Jr. said he woke up Saturday to messages saying that the videos were posted to Snapchat. Morrell posted about the videos on Facebook and was eventually connected with the people involved.

The videos show people running over the scooters with cars, ramming the scooters into one another, and people jumping on the scooters, he says.

Morrell said his employee removed the scooters from Gas City and told him that a few scooters had broken fenders and some lights had been broken off.

“I’m sure people do this kind of crazy stuff more often than I know,” Morrell said. “It was just a little different this time because they were recording it and put it on Snapchat.”

Although the events took place during a weekend where many out-of-state visitors were in the area, Morrell said the people involved were Gas City residents between the ages of 13-25.

Morrell said he plans to bring the scooters back to Gas City next year.

“This is a small business. It’s not like they’re destroying some major corporation’s scooters, so I want them to treat it with human decency,” Morrell said. “Respect the equipment so we can keep offering this service in these small rural Indiana towns.”

Gas City mayor Bill Rock said he was unaware of the incidents but understood why Morrell would remove the scooters from the area.

“You can always get to where one person can make it difficult for all the good people that have taken care of them, driven them courteously and used them to get around town or just have a joy ride,” Rock said.

Rock said he sees many Gas City residents using the scooters around the park, and likes having them in the area. Rock noted that Gas City was one of the first towns to allow Morrell’s Scooters, even before the city of Marion.

Morrell said many people are urging him to press charges, but he has not decided whether or not he will.

The scooters will remain available in Marion until Nov. 1 and in all other towns until Oct. 1.

“I appreciate everybody for riding and I’m not going to let a few bad apples ruin it for everyone. We will be back next spring,” Morrell said.
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