Kimball Electronics produces pieces other companies use to assemble medical devices, and due to COVID-19, the Jasper-based company has seen an increased demand in their medical assemblies.

And because of this demand, Kimball Electronics is looking to hire more workers.

The companies using the pieces manufacture respiratory care products, ventilators, automated electronic defibrillators and drug delivery devices, John Kahle, Kimball Electronics vice president, general counsel, chief compliance officer and secretary, explained Friday via email.

“Our customers assemble and or distribute the final products and medical equipment globally,” he wrote.

Because of this production, the company falls under the category of being an “essential business,” Kimball Electronics said in a press release issued Thursday. With COVID-19 spreading, the pieces produced by the company are needed for the production of more devices.

“While we have experienced and are expecting sales declines in certain product categories, we are experiencing increasing demand in other product categories,” the company said in the release, “specifically for our medical assemblies, such as those related to respiratory care.”

Kahle would not say how much of an increased demand the company is experiencing. “As a public company, we cannot comment on confidential business matters such as this,” he wrote.

Kimball Electronics has six global facilities that manufacture medical assemblies, including one in Jasper. Producing medical pieces is not new to the company. “Kimball Electronics has produced assemblies for medical applications in early diagnostics, hospital care, therapy and home healthcare for several years,” Kahle wrote.
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