WEST LAFAYETTE, — NineTwelve, an Indiana-based nonprofit organization, recently opened a new facility next to Purdue's Discovery Park District.

Leaders of NineTwelve explained in a statement that the location of this new facility is meant to combine industry and academic opportunities. 

“The Convergence lab will bridge the gap between academia and industry," Chad Pittman, president of NineTwelve, said in the release. "It will be a critical partner in lowering development costs, controlling risk and solving the challenge of DevOps. It will investigate how industry and education can best collaborate to spur innovation, build businesses and grow economies.”

According to NineTwelve's website, the organization, "...of trusted experts specialize in microelectronics, 5G, emerging manufacturing, unconventional energy, hypersonics, space, sensors and cybersecurity, with a commitment to job creation and sustainable economic development."

In order to focus on each project, NineTwelve locates "innovators" in certified labs, called CoLabs. These CoLabs allow for advanced research an implementation of developing solutions, according to the Initiatives page on its website.

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